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USA Links:

Learn about IRS Tax credits for green certs Click here

Federl Incentives and Resources
Danish Wind Power Association site
State Incentives for Renewables DSIRE
US DOE - Wind Powering America
US DOE - National Renewable Energy Labs
US DOE - Wind Powering America

General Wind Resources
American Wind Energy Association
Wind Energy Action
North West Wind maps
Renewable Energy Policy Project - REPP
Conservation Law Foundation

State by State Resources

CapeWind Project
Ipswich Wind Project
Princeton Project
CapeWind Project
Hoosac Wind Project

Wind Power technology

Wind Turbine Manufacturers
Commercial (Large > 100 kW ) Systems

International Links:

Energy Independence

Recently Posted
Wind News

UK Wind Links
British Wind Energy Association
National Wind Power - UK

Nordic Projects
Finnish Wind Energy Assoc
Princeton Wind Project

Electric Vehicle technology and concepts

Environmental News

Power Generation

Ultra Capacitors

Hydrogen Production

Flywheel Technology

Advanced Battery Technology

Residential (small < 100 kW) Systems

Citizens for Alternative Renewable Energy

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