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Japan Times : March 2005 Issue
"Power Answers Blowing in the Wind'." Article By Stephen Hesse on Clean Energy generated by Wind Turbines. Click here

E - Environmental Magazine : March 2005 Issue
"Hull Wind: A Renewable Energy 'Cash Cow'." Article By Jim Motavalli on the first commercial-scale turbine in suburbia. Click here

Mass High Tech : Jan 2004 Issue
"Hull proves communities will accept wind power." Article By Malcolm Brown on Renewable Energy Choices for Communities. Click here

Mass High Tech : Dec 2003 Issue
"Towns put wind at their backs." Article By Tod Hynes on the fastest growing energy sector in the world. Click here

Solar Access : Dec 2003 Issue
"The Environment is Right for Community Wind." Article By Mike Jacobs on the opportunity of community based wind projects. Click here

Windpower Monthly : Nov 2003 Issue
"Good earnings tempt townspeople futher." Article on the success of HullWind I. Click here

Lighthouse Depot : Oct 2003 Issue
"Boston Light Takes To The Wind." Article on the oldest lighthouse in the US getting energy from the newest, clean form of generation - wind power. Click here

Conservation Law Foundation : Spring 2003
"Reaping the Wind in a Brand New Age."
Setting an Example at Windmill Point.
Click here

New York Times : 8/24/03
Featured Hull Wind in their article on "Wind Power's New Current" in the Circuits section.

July 22, 2003
Hull hosts Mass Energy's 150+ wind advocates, "We're all in the same boat!" Click here

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