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Audio of WEATS Training NREL, Boulder, CO August 2004

Randy Udall speaks on sustainability

Audio of Suffolk University presentation on Peak Oil

Jim Kunstler speaks on peak oil
Professor Steve Ferry on sustainability

Audio of CERC Boat trip - July 27, 2004

Dan Ruben, Executive Director of CERC
Representative McGovern speaks on environmental concerns
Gerry Studds speaks on Boston Harbor Islands

Audio of recent Environmental Business Council meeting - April 8, 2004 click here

Dwyane Berger, DOER Manager of renewable energy and climate change speaks on clean energy
Steve Weisman, MTC speaks about Community Wind projects
John MacLeod, Hull Municipal Light speaks about Hull's wind turbine - Hullwind 1
Andrew Stern, CARE VP asks MTC, "Where are the projects!!!"
Questions to the panel - Where are the projects???

Audio of Clean Skies Initiative

Senator Jim Jeffords, I VT
Senator Edward Kennedy, D MA
Representative, William Delahunt D MA
Representative Mike Capuano, D MA
Tom Reilly, MA Attorney General
Armond Cohen, Clean Air Task Force

Audio of HealthLink Conference

Representative John Tierney, D MA
Kevin Knobloch, President - Union of Concerned Scientists - Part I
Kevin Knobloch, President - Union of Concerned Scientists - Part II

Audio of Hull Wind I Dedication - June 29, 2002

Introduction - Phil Lemnios, Town Manager, Hull MA - "a model for the Commonwealth"
Jim Manwell, Director - UMass Energy Resource Lab - "Hull says 'YES, in my backyard'"
Pat Cannon, Member of Hull Light Board - "a seed was planted in Hull"
David L. O'Connor, Commissioner - MA DOER - "change the way we produce the energy we consume"
Hugh Saussy, Deptartment of Energy - "...a Patriotic Act...Hull did something good for the whole country"
Dan Condin, Chief of Staff, Representative Bill Delahunt - "taken windpower and made it into a resource"

Audio from NPR station WJFF

Introduction to HullWind I
Background of HullWind I
Interview with Malcolm Brown on the future of windpower in Hull, MA
Interview with Robert Skilling from Blue Hills Observatory

Citizens for Alternative Renewable Energy

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