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Hull Wins DOE Wind Power Pioneer Award

The Town of Hull, Massachusetts, has won the Department of Energy's Wind Power Pioneer Award. The distinction recognizes the Town of Hull for its outstanding leadership in advancing the use of wind power in a coastal community. Hull has been "a model for engaging the entire community to understand and move forward together on its wind power project, from school teachers, utility engineers and local leaders to state government, academia and industry"   (see further, Wizard's Corner)

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Hull Wind Production

May 22 , 2007 (see WizCrnr)*

Hull 1
660 KW

Hull 2
1.8 MW

Total Generation - kWhs 8,589,254 4,252,604*
Days Commissioned 1,972 384,
Hours generating 32,028 6,536
Capacity Factor 27.5% 25.6%

Click here for video of Hull 2 dedication

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MORE pictures of Hull 2

Discovery Channel Video of the Hull Wind Turbine

If Not Wind website

Wind Energy Works website

The photo is from April 7, 2006, taken by 'skyshots' over the town's landfill.

Recent Press

Channel 5 Boston January 31, 2007 "Going Green" by reporter Amelia Barrera
"SkyStream installed in Hull"

30-70% of household energy can be supplied! Click here

Boston Globe December 15, 2006

"Going Green" by Massachusetts House Speaker DiMasi

Speaker of House says state's communities should follow Hull's lead!

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"Our Neighbor, Millie"
A 20 page book by Alyse Clinton, 7, of Hull, MA
Aly lives next to a very strange neighbor
- a 330' wind turbine..
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The Boston Globe Oct 1, 2006
"Wind on the Waters."
Boston Globe Editorial.
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The Patriot Ledger : Aug 6, 2006
"Quincy begins wind tests at 2 sites."
Police HQ, Ricciuti Drive could be site of wind turbines.
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The Harvard Gazette : June 15, 2006
"Harvard to purchase renewable energy credits." Agreement supports wind power generation from Hull.
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The Boston Globe : February 24, 2006
"Wind turbines gaining power. Smaller communities, colleges plan projects."
Article By Stephanie Ebbert.
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Patriot Ledger : Janurary 2006
"Hulluva windmill: When Hull Wind II starts spinning in March, town will secure its place as an energy visionary."
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Discovery Channel Canada
"Blowing the Competition Away."
A small community is leading the way in balancing environmental concerns with economics, by generating energy from the wind. The bonus, not only are they building a sense of pride, they will earn the money back and more in five years.
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Boston Channel 5

Local Community Praises Cost-Cutting Clean Energy
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